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The Canon EOS R6: The Most Advanced Camera for Sports Photography?

The Canon EOS R6 The Most Advanced Camera for Sports Photography

Since its introduction alongside the EOS R6, the Canon EOS R5 has been the center of attention, but have we been concentrating on the incorrect camera the entire time?

Although the EOS R6 does not come with gimmicky features like the EOS R5 does, such as a sensor with 45 megapixels or the ability to shoot raw video in 8K resolution, this is really to your advantage because it means you will not have to spend extra for them.

The EOS R6 is still a properly specced camera body that can handle its fair share of problems, and it costs $1,400 less than the EOS R5. This makes it a wonderful value for photographers who aren’t readily swayed by huge numbers because you receive your new camera and still have 1,400 dollars left over to utilize more productively.

Damien Cooper examines the Canon EOS R6 in this movie that was produced by Monkeypixels. The focus of the film is on the action and sports photography. Cooper has worked as a press photographer, at which time he was proficient in the use of Canon EOS-1D DSLR bodies, thus he is familiar with the rigorous requirements that sports photography places on cameras.

While doing so, he is capturing images and videos of figure skating and providing his feedback on the capabilities of the EOS R6. In the past, he had a negative experience with the EOS R; however, this is not the case with the most recent Canon mirrorless cameras.

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