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A Beginner’s Guide to Canon R6 Camera Settings

In this day and age of mirrorless cameras, most people compose their shots using the LCD screen rather than the viewfinder. When photographing a subject from an angle that is difficult to access, it is helpful to keep the camera at a comfortable distance from your face.

In some respects, I consider this to be a fantastic benefit that mirrorless cameras offer over DSLRs; nevertheless, in my most recent video, I explain three reasons why I never use the LCD screen to compose headshots and portraits.

I spent the last week at a photographic retreat, where I got the opportunity to work behind the camera with many of my fellow professionals. One of the first things that came to my attention was the fact that many photographers were instructing me to look at eye level without placing their own eye on the electronic viewfinder of their cameras.

I realized that I was looking at them rather than straight down the barrel of their lens, which resulted in the photographs appearing to show that I was gazing off into the distance someplace. It goes without saying that this is not an ideal situation for a headshot; after all, the purpose of a headshot is to interact with the viewer, and maintaining eye contact is an essential part of that process.

There are other reasons why I suggest going “old school” and using the EVF to compose images. Some of these reasons are tried and true methods, such as the simple fact that holding the camera against your face creates more stability. Another reason is that I suggest going “old school” and using the EVF to compose images.

However, in order to avoid the stereotype of being a grouchy old man, I will reveal a spoiler for the story by letting you know that there are times when I choose to ignore my own advice and write using the LCD rather than the traditional music notation system.

I really hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any tried-and-true techniques that you use when composing photos with a mirrorless camera, please share them with me!

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